A Normal Update

Howdy y'all!
Sorry about all the crazy titles. It's time for an end to those. Tonight was a great time of fellowship. Our Pastor who faithfully travels 1 hr 30 min over the mountain every Tuesday, preached from 1 Peter tonight. We had a pretty good attendance tonight. The C family usually brings quite a few, but only 3 came tonight. Grandma, Grandpa, Mr. Mc, Mrs. M, and Clark came as well. After the message, some of us kids tried out the new Foosball table. (Read Mom's blog if you wonder how we got it.) Needless to say, the decibel level greatly increased. Some of us were using our iPods and it looked like a mini-convention of Apple fans (which I am not). One of my friends has a DV camera, and showed me a recording of herself singing. It was quite nice... until I found out she was that miming the words and a recording was playing. Rose, you should have known better. Every unimportant detail is forever recorded here. =) LOL.
Earlier today, Ruthie and Joe tried out the Foosball table. Here is a video of this humorous event.
Now I have to go post on my tech blog. Y'all have a good night!


  1. She was so funny. It was just easier using your hands! I think Joe "got two points" about four times! He was so patient with her. She was sure enjoying playing with her big brother.


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