Howdy y'all!
Today we did not go to church. Mom's due date is past and with church being one and one-half hours over the mountain, it would not be good to have the baby at church. =) Our cousins did go to church; however, about lunch time they showed up at our house. Apparently their van had overheated and it was not looking good to make it all the way to church. We had a good visit while it cooled down (and our lunch). Grandpa stopped in to eat hamburgers with us. He LOVES Dad's burgers. =) Actually, we had pork chops for dinner a while back, and when Dad asked if anyone was interested in eating dessert, he said he'd like a burger! Well, he was not going to eat a cold burger, so he ate one of his while we were talking. I wondered how how he got such a dirty plate. We had a good time of fellowship with Grandpa for a while, and then Grandma pulled in. We talked for a while longer before they left. We watched a few of Brother Cloud's videos about how to study your Bible. If you don't have them, I'd encourage you to get them. They were a great challenge to me as far as personal Bible study AND reading. Tonight, this truck that sounded too powerful for it's own good pulled in to the store. I mean, rolled into the store. I liked how it sounded, but it was not a racing truck. It quieted down by the time I took these two videos.


  1. We missed you on Sunday. Hope we get baby news soon!! Sounds like the Lord gave you all great fellowship together.

  2. Okay, Nick. I came here seeking as to whether you have a clue about your mother's picture of the half-n-half carton. Nope, no new blog from you either. You guys must be very busy with the new baby. We're waiting...

  3. Hehe. Sorry, I'm posting on the new baby soon.


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