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Sorry about my posts (lack thereof) lately. I'm going to try to compensate. So this is my post that should have been done, um... three days ago! And I can't say I'm really sick either. Just busy. Or lazy. Well, better late than never. =) Today we were by no means well enough to go to Church. Instead, we did what they do in mega churches when every building wants the same preacher. (No, we didn't really, I'm joking.) We listened to Brother David Cloud's sermons. He has great preaching, especially on music. I would certainly recommend his preaching. I listen to some of his sermons on my new iPod. =) Few were feeling well, so here is what the place looked like while we were listening.

After, everyone ate, slept, and did a few little things. It was a nice quite day, but we missed being at Church.


  1. Actually, you took the pictures BEFORE we were listening. Otherwise, I must have been really out of it to not have noticed that Hannah was reading a Moody book =).

  2. We like David Cloud, too! I haven't thought to look him up on iTunes. We have his newest book, Keeping the Kids. We also enjoy his music preaching videos. And yes I read this blog's tags, too! =)

  3. Brother Cloud is not on iTunes. (If you find him, please let me know) I got his podcast from It's nice to hear that someone besides us likes him. =) I especially like his book on CCM.

  4. Bro. Cloud has been a tremendous blessing to me. His materials were a key element for me to take my walk with the Lord more seriously and to strive to live more separated, not just outwardly but to actually consider what the Bible says about every day situations. I too am happy to hear that there are other like-minded Christians out there. I am also thankful that Nathan has friends such as yourself.


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