Life, Linux, and Lunch

Howdy y'all!
Some pictures from Sunday. For the record, Ruthie is NOT allowed to climb the stairs this way. I DID get her off after. =)

Yesterday: Samuel took a picture of me advertising the usefulness of carpenter pants. I had colored pencils, a wireless mouse, and a host of other pieces of junk in my pockets, my laptop power cord and broken camera case around my neck, and a stack of books and my laptop in my hand. I like these pants! :-)

Samuel was given a birthday cake at community lunch.

Aunt Rachael sent him a birthday present.
First thing, I need to learn to be more creative about my titles. "Another day in the life of me." is not creative. I'm waiting for some dramatic, life-changing incident to happen, and thousands of people to flock to my blog. Maybe not so. Life is composed of simple things; therefore, I must find a way to creatively describe the day to day events in my life. So how 'bout "Life, Linux, and Lunch?" :-)
Today, Nick D. stopped in to visit and look at his laptop. He's running Linux and has had some issues (I wouldn't ordinarily state that he was having issues with Linux, except for the fact that the hard drive has bad sectors, but that's for the tech blog) that I was able  to fix for two runs. And then it stopped working again. :-( We'll get it fixed sometime. And for lunch, I ate turkey on bread with coleslaw and ice cream. BTW, I did change the title to my more creative version. Y'all have a good evening!
"Cowboy" Nick

"A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:"
Proverbs 1:5

Blackpowder Rifle
Buddy Davis

Since I was a boy, I dreamed of a day,
Where I'd go live with the antelope play.
I'd trade this highway for a road made of dirt,
So far in the country that cellphones won't work.

With my black powder rifle and my Bowie knife,
I'm going to God's country to live out my life.
Some say it's a long shot but I aim to be there.
With my black powder rifle on a mountain somewhere.

Take me away to Daniel Boone's day,
Fast food was a deer, that got away.
People worked hard, too tired to behold.
Telephones were two cans and a cord.

This black powder rifle is a symbol you see,
Days long forgotten but remembered by me.
Before there were laptops or cable TV -
When the mousepad was just a den in a tree.


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