I know...

... I've been a bad boy. I haven't posted for two consecutive days! Mom and Salinn, I'm going to have to ask your forgiveness. But, I have two good reasons!
1st: Tuesday night was Bible Study, and I wasn't feeling top shape after.
2nd: Our family spent the day lounging in bed sick in bed yesterday. I was in no mood to be posting, and I wasn't "able." OK, reasons aside,:-) I'll actually put out a post. Since I lost the pictures I meant to post, I'll post some others instead.
My goofy brother (carbon copy of me) dressed in my shirt, pants, and hat. He really had to cinch the belt down tight.
My cousins and me goofing off. Salinn took this picture. I won't post the one of us pretending to be "harvested" by the combine. ;-)
My shadow at the apple orchard.
I like taking pictures of graveyards. Don't ask me why. I plan to tweak this photo with GIMP eventually.

Hannah and Samuel biking past a maple tree during the fall.

A bunch of my friends and me. That's about three families! (And some of them are on an expedition over the bank)

Joe goofing around with a road cone near the Hurricane Irene flood damage. For my of my pics of the flood, click here.
Tonight we ate quiche for dinner, along with coffee cake. Because Dad is not feeling very well at all, he went back to bed after with a pitcher of Emergen-C and ... Nutty Bars! Hopefully they help him to feel better. ;-) Today I did school and drank chocolate mint tea. The warmth feels good on your throat, and it tastes pretty good too. Sugar helps bring out the chocolate taste in it a little better but that is probably not going to help me feel better, either. :D
Folks, that's all for the minute. Maybe I'll do one more today to help make up for lost posts... And I have a random question for you all: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Y'all have a great evening!
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. Glad you updated today at least.:+) I think that if I could live anywhere in the world it would be PA. It is so pretty there but of course that is if I wanted to but it would be pretty lonely as all my friends live here pretty much of course. Not that it is days away but just the same. Well sorry for such a long comment.

  2. If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd live on a ranch in TN or KY. First of all, I love freedom, so I wouldn't want to live in another nation. Second, KY is the Bluegrass State, and the Creation Museum is there. TN is where Grandpa and Grandma are, and I like being with them. And who knows? Maybe all my friends will move down there sometime. :-)

  3. Hi Nick,
    Glad that you posted today even though you don't feel well.I would live most anywhere as long as my husband was there.:)Although,I seem to like where we are right now.:)I must admit we do like visiting Tn. though.

  4. I honestly don't know where I would like to live exactly. I do agree with you that it would need to be here in the USA. My husband preached revival services in TX a couple of years ago and I fell in *love* with the Big Sky country. However, I am not especially fond of tornadoes. For years I would always say I wanted to live in Wyoming, but as I've gotten older I have less and less tolerance for cold, so I think I will stick with TX.

  5. I agree with you about the cold. I am not at all fond of the cold. I wear my sweatshirts / sweater even in the middle of summer. I wouldn't want to move to Florida though, because of Burmese Pythons, and I hate big snakes! I like how it can be warm in TN.

  6. If we could live anywhere, we've talked about the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. There is winter there, but still quite mild weather. For now, we are where the Lord wants us. Perhaps one day He'll send us South a ways. I'm catching up on all your posts. You keep saying you have not posted for so long, etc, but I somehow missed a whole bunch of them!

  7. Emilie7/09/2015

    I rather like Scotland, but it does have drawbacks. For instance, it rains. :) Oregon is beautiful country with a pretty good climate (for me, anyway), but it has rather a lot of other problems. The South is too hot for me, and I don't want flat country. I think Vermont sounds like a good place! :)

    1. Did Theron tell you all kinds of wonderful things about Scotland? lol

  8. Emilie7/13/2015

    No, he just tells me that it rains. :)


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