Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Today was Samuel's 11th Birthday! He had a great time and Grandpa, Grandma, Mrs. T, Mrs. S, and Mrs. M joined us in the celebration. It was a great time of fun, food, and fellowship. Those are some of my favorite words. :-) Samuel has become quite proficient as an artist; therefore, his party had a central theme of art. This is the first birthday in a while that was not space-centered. I ate plenty of cake and meatballs. Those meatballs were good! You would be surprised at how quickly one can fill up on finger food. I promise I ate in moderation. :-)  Enough talk typing. Time for pictures! (I have to go to bed soon, so no captions this time.)

We played Charades and convinced Grandpa to join us! Yay!

Charades is quite interesting when played at our house. :-)


  1. Nick - LOVING your new blog format! All the cowboy stuff - looks great. Nice post today. Looks like Samuel's party was great fun.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Mrs. V! I had a lot of fun with the design. I am still working with cowboy computers. Actually, 3 friends are going to join in to help me have a greater coverage.

  3. What a great idea.:)Hosea loves art too.I often think that he and Samuel are so much alike like that.Meatballs sound delicious!!!The cake was a good idea.


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