Congratulations Greg and Emily!

Howdy y'all! Today was Greg and Emily Iocco's northern wedding celebration. (I almost said the state. OOPS!) They were married at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Actually, they both worked at the petting zoo. I drew the above picture of them on a camel. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend... they probably wouldn't appreciate us sharing runny noses. LOL. The scanner does not do justice to the "finery" of this piece of art. Um, maybe not quite as fine as I thought. Greg is an artist and has done beautiful masterpieces. I am a computer technician and would do better to stick to vector graphics. =) I'm afraid my semi-caricature does not come close to his paintings. LOL. But it was fun to draw! I like to draw, paint, and move my finger on my touchpad, but I am far from an artist. I can do flowcharts... =)
Let's change the topic and forget about my "achievements" in art (Did I list any that were worth anything?) for a while. Only problem is, I forgot what that different topic was going to be. =D Have a great evening and a blessed Lord's Day!
See y'all later!
"Cowboy" Nick


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