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Hi folks! If you want to know more about me, please look at my profile. I also like photography. Below are some pictures I have taken. All pictures on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. Please feel free to use them in any way. It is not necessary to credit me. If I do sell the scripture prints eventually, please respect this and don't continue to print them. Thanks for your understanding! Now, for the pics:
My little cousin, Emma and me trying to fit into a large tractor wheel. Photo by my cousin, Salinn.
I took this photo on the Ticonderoga Ferry.
One of my favorites. Taken at Silver Lake.
Another one with the same verse. Taken in Vershire.
Don't forget about snowball fights! =)
Another one on the Ticonderoga Ferry.
Grandpa after an unsuccessful hunt. That must have been because Dad, Joe, and I were along. =)
I hope y'all enjoy these pictures. I'll post some more soon including videos of my guitar playing. Have a blessed day!
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. I didn't know you were into photography! You're pretty good.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed them!

  3. Hi Nick,
    I like your blog I hope you post often. I will check back soon.~Salinn

  4. I do love your scripture prints :) ... they are so nice hanging in our home.
    Nice design work on your blog!
    Hope you post more often than Salinn ;)

  5. Thanks Mom! =) Unfortunately, I am a boy... but I will try. :-)

  6. Anonymous1/09/2012

    Great job on the pictures Nick...I love photography too! Nice blog as well...I hope you have a spot where an automatic email comes my way so I can keep updated on what you're up to. Congrats on your computer certification, I can see you are a computer whiz! It was good talking with you too...Love, Aunt Kim

  7. Thanks, Aunt Kim! There is a subscribe by email tool in the upper left corner.


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"Cowboy" Nick

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