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Howdy y'all!
Today we did not go to church. Mom's due date is past and with church being one and one-half hours over the mountain, it would not be good to have the baby at church. =) Our cousins did go to church; however, about lunch time they showed up at our house. Apparently their van had overheated and it was not looking good to make it all the way to church. We had a good visit while it cooled down (and our lunch). Grandpa stopped in to eat hamburgers with us. He LOVES Dad's burgers. =) Actually, we had pork chops for dinner a while back, and when Dad asked if anyone was interested in eating dessert, he said he'd like a burger! Well, he was not going to eat a cold burger, so he ate one of his while we were talking. I wondered how how he got such a dirty plate. We had a good time of fellowship with Grandpa for a while, and then Grandma pulled in. We talked for a while longer before they left. We watched a few of Brother Cloud's videos about how to …

End of a good day

Today was a good day. We had a really delicious breakfast this morning. Dad made sausage and we had the sausages with eggs and english muffins. After that, work began officially. We vacuumed pretty much all of the house, dusted, mopped, and did the one-hundred-zillion other things that need doing. Then we all went outside (after Joe and I tried making a smoke bomb in the kitchen. BTW, we DID have Dad's permission) and had plenty of fun with just about anything. Joe and I had not given up on the smoke bombs yet and we tried many different things. I guess we are just going to have to break down and buy some potassium nitrite. =) We also broke up the ice on our pond drainage ditch. =)
Eventually, it got to cold for me, so I came in. I'm going to finish up by telling you what I am doing currently. Blogging until 10:00 and then going to bad. This is one of my most horrible specimens of writing. Total lack of creativity. I must be tired. I hope you all have a blessed Lord's Day.

Some Serious Thoughts

Today, I helped a friend with her Kindle. Wow, the Kindle touch is not nice to your eyes! It's grayscale and the transitions are very choppy. When you are reading, it is not so bad. It was fun to try my hand at something new, though. I hope to post a video of me singing sometime here. Be prepared - it's not top quality. =) I have much to learn in that direction. I watched a clip of an appeal of help to persecuted Christians in North Korea. What happens to them is simply shocking. We must pray for them every day. I will post the video after I have watched it through. Some of our brothers and sisters in Christ have had their nails pulled one by one... and then their teeth! Every now and then I wonder if that will happen in America. And then I think, "Could American Christians stand up to any of that? Would Christianity in America fade into oblivion?" I believe either a) persecution will come and Christianity will  be reduced to 1000 or so true Christians, or b) persecu…

A Normal Update

Howdy y'all!
Sorry about all the crazy titles. It's time for an end to those. Tonight was a great time of fellowship. Our Pastor who faithfully travels 1 hr 30 min over the mountain every Tuesday, preached from 1 Peter tonight. We had a pretty good attendance tonight. The C family usually brings quite a few, but only 3 came tonight. Grandma, Grandpa, Mr. Mc, Mrs. M, and Clark came as well. After the message, some of us kids tried out the new Foosball table. (Read Mom's blog if you wonder how we got it.) Needless to say, the decibel level greatly increased. Some of us were using our iPods and it looked like a mini-convention of Apple fans (which I am not). One of my friends has a DV camera, and showed me a recording of herself singing. It was quite nice... until I found out she was that miming the words and a recording was playing. Rose, you should have known better. Every unimportant detail is forever recorded here. =) LOL.
Earlier today, Ruthie and Joe tried out the Foosb…

Life, Linux, and Lunch

Howdy y'all!

First thing, I need to learn to be more creative about my titles. "Another day in the life of me." is not creative. I'm waiting for some dramatic, life-changing incident to happen, and thousands of people to flock to my blog. Maybe not so. Life is composed of simple things; therefore, I must find a way to creatively describe the day to day events in my life. So how 'bout "Life, Linux, and Lunch?" :-)
Today, Nick D. stopped in to visit and look at his laptop. He's running Linux and has had some issues (I wouldn't ordinarily state that he was having issues with Linux, except for the fact that the hard drive has bad sectors, but that's for the tech blog) that I was able  to fix for two runs. And then it stopped working again. :-( We'll get it fixed sometime. And for lunch, I ate turkey on bread with coleslaw and ice cream. BTW, I did change the title to my more creative version. Y'all have a good evening!

Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Today was Samuel's 11th Birthday! He had a great time and Grandpa, Grandma, Mrs. T, Mrs. S, and Mrs. M joined us in the celebration. It was a great time of fun, food, and fellowship. Those are some of my favorite words. :-) Samuel has become quite proficient as an artist; therefore, his party had a central theme of art. This is the first birthday in a while that was not space-centered. I ate plenty of cake and meatballs. Those meatballs were good! You would be surprised at how quickly one can fill up on finger food. I promise I ate in moderation. :-)  Enough talk typing. Time for pictures! (I have to go to bed soon, so no captions this time.)

Monday and Tuesday

On Monday, most of the kids played trains and Lincoln Logs.

 Tuesday, Bible Study was canceled because of bad weather. Today, everything was covered in ice! It was very slippery. Well, it is time for bed now so I will try to post tomorrow. See y'all next time!
~"Cowboy" Nick


Howdy y'all!
Sorry about my posts (lack thereof) lately. I'm going to try to compensate. So this is my post that should have been done, um... three days ago! And I can't say I'm really sick either. Just busy. Or lazy. Well, better late than never. =) Today we were by no means well enough to go to Church. Instead, we did what they do in mega churches when every building wants the same preacher. (No, we didn't really, I'm joking.) We listened to Brother David Cloud's sermons. He has great preaching, especially on music. I would certainly recommend his preaching. I listen to some of his sermons on my new iPod. =) Few were feeling well, so here is what the place looked like while we were listening.

After, everyone ate, slept, and did a few little things. It was a nice quite day, but we missed being at Church.

Congratulations Greg and Emily!

Howdy y'all! Today was Greg and Emily Iocco's northern wedding celebration. (I almost said the state. OOPS!) They were married at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Actually, they both worked at the petting zoo. I drew the above picture of them on a camel. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend... they probably wouldn't appreciate us sharing runny noses. LOL. The scanner does not do justice to the "finery" of this piece of art. Um, maybe not quite as fine as I thought. Greg is an artist and has done beautiful masterpieces. I am a computer technician and would do better to stick to vector graphics. =) I'm afraid my semi-caricature does not come close to his paintings. LOL. But it was fun to draw! I like to draw, paint, and move my finger on my touchpad, but I am far from an artist. I can do flowcharts... =)
Let's change the topic and forget about my "achievements" in art (Did I list any that were worth anything?) for a while. Only problem is, I…

I know...

... I've been a bad boy. I haven't posted for two consecutive days! Mom and Salinn, I'm going to have to ask your forgiveness. But, I have two good reasons!
1st: Tuesday night was Bible Study, and I wasn't feeling top shape after.
2nd: Our family spent the day lounging in bed sick in bed yesterday. I was in no mood to be posting, and I wasn't "able." OK, reasons aside,:-) I'll actually put out a post. Since I lost the pictures I meant to post, I'll post some others instead.

Tonight we ate quiche for dinner, along with coffee cake. Because Dad is not feeling very well at all, he went back to bed after with a pitcher of Emergen-C and ... Nutty Bars! Hopefully they help him to feel better. ;-) Today I did school and drank chocolate mint tea. The warmth feels good on your throat, and it tastes pretty good too. Sugar helps bring out the chocolate taste in it a little better but that is probably not going to help me feel better, either. :D
Folks, that&…

Today (for lack of a better title)

Howdy y'all!
Today life went on pretty much as normal. However, this afternoon we had Grandpa and Grandma over to eat pork chops. Yum! I could have eaten the whole plate! :-) We talked them into playing a few rounds of Bananagrams.

Grandpa had been working in Colorado for a while, and we have all missed him VERY much. We are thankful to have him back. My friend, Theron sent me something that would be good for us all to read so I thought I'd post it.

If Jesus came to your house to spend a day or two, If he came unexpectedly, I wonder what you’d do. Oh, I know you’d give your nicest room to such an honoured Guest, And all the food you’d serve to him would be the very best, And you would keep assuring Him you’re glad to have Him there, That serving Him in your home is joy beyond compare.
But – when you saw him coming, would you meet him at the door With arms outstretched in welcome to your Heavenly Visitor? Or would you have to change your clothes before you let him in? Or hide…

Saved by Grace

Hello everyone! Salinn, we greatly missed your family at church today. Samuel and Jonathan were sick, so Mom and Ruthie stayed home with them while Dad, Joe, Hannah, Grace, and I went to church in the little car. Mr. P was not feeling well, so we had only eleven people for the evening service. We read a paper on being saved by grace.
Ephesians 2:8:  "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: " The paper, available from the Middletown Bible Church, contrasted grace with many other things. I can't remember them all, but a few of the things were as follows: Grace is not debt. Debt is something that is owed. We are not owed grace. It is a gift from God as stated in Ephesians 2:8. Grace is not wages. The only wages that we deserve is death. Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Grace is not something we must work for or earn. (It is the gift o…

A Pile of Paper

Mom just finished a LOT of paperwork today, and here is the result:

About Me

Hi folks! If you want to know more about me, please look at my profile. I also like photography. Below are some pictures I have taken. All pictures on this site are mine unless otherwise stated. Please feel free to use them in any way. It is not necessary to credit me. If I do sell the scripture prints eventually, please respect this and don't continue to print them. Thanks for your understanding! Now, for the pics:
I hope y'all enjoy these pictures. I'll post some more soon including videos of my guitar playing. Have a blessed day!
~"Cowboy" Nick