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My Week

Howdy y'all!
I'd go through the "oh, my poor abandoned blog - cobwebs growing in the corner, tears in the eyes of my ardent followers, spare space on the Google servers, et cetera, et cetera..." routine, but every post would look like that; so, apologies aside, here's what's been going on. First, an apology to Heather. I saw your comments when you posted them, but I didn't publish them. I knew I would forgo posting for quite a while so I figured it better if everyone thought I didn't check my blog. Y'know as opposed to thinking I was ignoring everyone. Which I actually was. :(
I have been working ten and a half hour days up in NY, but I have been spending plenty of time on the computer. Can I get some feedback on here to see if anyone still reads my blog? And if you do, is it interesting? Funny? Boring? Narrow? ....
You're probably all dying for some pictures, so here they are! :D

Gotta be up at 5:30 so I need to go to bed. :D Goodnight y'…

A Ketchup Post!

Howdy y'all!
Sorry I haven't blogged for so long. Guess I've had the blogger spirit taken out of me. :-/ But, there are things to blog about! November 9th, Grandpa, Grandma R, and Aunt Rach visited! Visits from them are always special. Grandma and Grandpa gave us all presents, and Aunt Rach gave me the Life of George LEGO set. It's a blast! LEGOs and tech are two of my favorite things, so it's fun mixing them together. Grandpa and I played several rounds of it. We also went for a short hike in the woods with Jonathan. The weather was a bit chilly for me, but we still had a good time. Grandma and I went for a car ride. Frankly, I was surprised that she'd want to ride with me, but she actually asked me, so we did. I didn't take any pictures of it (obviously) but Mom had a few, so I borrowed one of her blog. Thanks so much for visiting, Gramp and Gram and Aunt Rach! I wish you could've stayed forever. :D

November 11th was my 17th birthday, although we cel…

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day! And I don't mean "I hope you enjoyed your vacation / family time / etc." I mean I hope you appreciated our American soldiers that day. Because they deserve it. No single person has given more for our nation than the American soldier. He deserves our utmost respect for the sacrifice he made.  I hope you took time to say "thank you" to a veteran. I hope you do that every time you see one. Many soldiers have returned to a nation that disrespects them. There's someone else who paid the ultimate price for your freedom as well. I hope you know who He is and thank Him every day. That man - God the Son in the form of man - gave His very life so you could be free from sin. So that you could be free from an eternal burning in the Lake of Fire. Just as the American Soldier gives his life to save you from foreign enemies, Jesus Christ gave his life to save you from a far worse situation - death. Eternal separation from God. An eternity in Hell…

New Button!

Howdy y'all! What do y'all think? I designed it in GIMP, using a picture of an (after 1972) Chevy C-10. It was rather unfortunate that all the older (pre - '70s) pictures of C-10s that I could find were basically hot rods. :(  And, of course, the faded picture below is a guitar headstock and fretboard with a hand on it. I wasn't really finished, but my "in-destructive, never-failing" APPLE MacBook CRASHED!!!!! (Is that a World Records moment?)
Note: Apple owner is not the same as Apple fan who takes anything that Apple copies to be the most innovative, best ever equipment made in the universe. Anyway. I think it looks ok - maybe I'll change it later. It is free to be used anywhere you like! (Bumper stickers, billboards, blogs, websites, iPod cases, etc.) This is owing to the generous spirit of open source graphics. Anyhow, sorry I haven't posted for so long. My excuse is nothing better than laziness. Researching woodgas vehicles, alternative energy, a…

2009 Little Tykes Single Passenger "Smart" Car - $200

A.C. - open the windows
Radio - drive next to someone who has one
0 to 60 time - varies
Gallons per mile - 0
Miles per gallon - 0
Top speed - varies
Leather seats - none
Color - red
Single owner, maint. record avail. oil changed every 5000 needs a little tlc and possibly an engine $200 firm call (000) - 247 - 4920

Hope that was amusing enough ;) The PayPal button will be up soon. On a side note - these will probably work for my senior pictures.

For my dear friend, Theron

If you really want to drive a manual (Why?!) I'll trade you an antique Nissan Micra :-)
Theron, you are the best! I'll pay shipping on my car and you'll pay for it on yours?
I included some pictures.
Keys not included.

P. S. - for the record, Theron and I are best buddies and he does not feel hurt by such jokes. I take his well too. :-D

I'm Driving! :D

The story behind the top pic is this - YEARS (like, lots o' years) ago, Grandma R said, "Oh man Nick, you're getting old fast! Someday - someday, you're going to walk over to me and wave the keys and your permit and say, 'Grandma, wanna go for a ride?'!" (This was before they moved to TN) So I had to send her thispic. Well, they're coming up in November and I'm sure I'll take Grandma for a ride. :D

A note to all my readers: No, I'm not upset with you or the interwebs - I've just been busy. I am replying to your comments even now. Keep 'em coming! :D

A picture

Hey guys, sorry I've been so long without posting. I'm sure I'll post a little bit more after I finish the living room/dining room/kitchen and the drivers manual so I can get my permit. (YAY!) :D
So I decided to post a cute picture of Little Man that I found, Loop and Way on all the staples pcs, the WCAX news truck that was in town recently, and an app my aunt gave me. (thanks, Aunt Rach!) ;) Later I'll try to post about Joe's birthday party. Happy 15th birthday, Joe! I will post a picture of us when I'm on my computer. :D
Ok, break's over and it's time to start painting again!
~"Cowboy" Nick
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Spending some time with Leah

Howdy y'all!
Sorry if y'all thought my last post was crazy. It's more important to me since I'm into computer stuff. After a day of work on the living room / dining room / kitchen project, I did some loop and way work, checked some blogs, and helped the boys with their potato guns. So right now, I'm trying to feed Leah some food. Thankfully she loved it and is hungry. It's funny watching her try to come to me in her walker, but she ends up walking backwards. :D
Well, she's getting tired of eating now, I guess. Hope you all enjoy your evening!
~"Cowboy" Nick
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I Was There!!!

Howdy y'all!
I know it sounds completely crazy, but I actually got to see Google make a change! Literally, as it happened.
I wondered why Obadiah's blog was loading so slow...
I'm sorry for this short post, but I just had to post it. What are your thoughts on it?

A Discourse on Pickup Trucks, of the Chevrolet Brand, Specifically the C-20 Variety and the Profit of Spending Time With One's Own Family

Howdy y'all!
The title may be raising some eyebrows, but it's sole purpose is to gratify the tastes of my friend from the United Kingdom. It is quite likely that my admirable attempt at a lengthy and eloquent title will raise fond memories of classic English and Scottish literature.
For us (lazy) Americans:
Nice Pickup Trucks and Time With My Family
Nothing against Americans, BTW. I am one (and I don't mind mentioning a bad quality about people that includes myself). :D

Oh, and I have to share this great song from the Victorious Valley Trio! Thanks, Heather for sharing!

Nothing in This World from Called To Make The Difference on Vimeo.
NOTE: I believe this video to be consistent with United States laws concerning Fair Use, and am not responsible for any legal issues from the use of the appropriately credited music sung by Victorious Valley Trio.
The above statement is to make sure I don't get into any legal trouble. You are welcome to skip it. :D
(If you have a problem h…

A Joke

Howdy y'all! The following is an excerpt from my cousin's blog:

Well, my first thought was "GREAT IDEA!!!! I think I'll do the, uh, same thing! :D So, here is my hair collection!
 Yes, it needs thinning out and I'll do that soon.
 The other part of my hair collection. My hair collection consists primarily of hair and my cowboy hat. I use combs when they happen to be available. (Just joking[for the most part {I hope}]:) Okay, sorry Salinn about that. I would have linked to your post, but only members of your blog can see it, so... Also, if I made a copyist's error, please tell me.
A note: I DID ask Salinn before I posted it. But, lest you think too highly of me, it wasn't my idea. Mom suggested that I do that to avoid... problems. :D All is well though and you have the freedom to laugh at the post. I almost entitled my post "Hair things" but that my scare might buddies off before they see the post. Also, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE POST BELOW. I'D LIK…